#TORsday Oaths of the Riddermark

Fengel, Théoden’s grand-father, ‘is not remembered with praise. He was greedy of food and of gold, and at strife with his marshals, and with his children.”

Hello! It’s Jacob again, today I get to feel a little like the paparazzi and dish scandalous rumours about the rich and famous. Fengel was a really awful king (probably the worst in Rohan’s history, although there are some other contenders) and Thengel, his son, basically self-exiled himself in Gondor because of the situation. Then, when his father dies, he has to return to Rohan, although with his wife (a noblewoman of Lossarnach named Morwen Steelsheen) and children (young Théoden has only known the ways of Gondor before this time).

The kingdom is in shambles and the marshals of the realm squabble and accuse the other of nefarious deeds. They encourage fights between their followers, such that the entire country is beginning to be caught up in a bloodfeud. The king needs independent warriors that are not beholden to any faction in order to make things right. This is where the heroes come in.

Oaths of the Riddermark dives into the politics of Rohan in the days of Théoden’s youth and presents the heroes with a chance to set things right and prepare the Mark for the dark days that lay ahead. It consists of six adventurers. While you could play a few of them separately, taken as a whole, they tell the story of what King Thengel and Queen Morwen believe is the best chance at a lasting peace, one bought with hope and love and not steel and blood.

We recently announced The One Ring — The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, the second edition of our bespoke system for exploring Middle-earth. While Oaths of the Riddermark was published for first edition, only minor adaptations will be necessary to use it with our upcoming second edition.

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