Date Posted: 01-09-2019

Sunday Summary


On Monday we looked at another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the proud Battlesmith of the Fyreslayers. Check out the full update here.


Last Wednesday we ran through all of the free resources available and the new free resource section on our website. Find all the info here.

Doctor Who

Lat week, we were incredibly excited to announce that the pre-order for The Twelfth Doctor Sourcebook was live! Click here to order from our web store now! Once ordered you will receive the complimentary PDF shortly after, with the physical copy to follow later this year.


On Friday we shared more new artwork for our Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook -the Imperial Commissar above! Commanding fear and admiration in equal regard, every Commissar is a grim symbol of Imperial authority. Duty bound to fill her troops’ hearts with courage and loyalty to the Emperor by any means necessary, she executes swift justice on all enemies of the Imperium, be they heretics or cowards. 

We also wanted to thank all who bought our recent Dark Heresy offer on Humble Bumble, it raised a significant amount for our chosen charity – Doctors Without Borders! We will update more on this next week!