Date Posted: 24-11-2019

Sunday Summary

Catch up on last weeks highlights below! Next Saturday we look forward to attending Dragonmeet in London, if you are attending be sure to pop by our stand and say hello to the team! We will be running Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Demos and CEO Dominic McDowall will be giving a seminar at 2pm on all the latest C7 news with some added exclusive content!


Last Tuesday we continued with our series of Meet the Team posts – we introduced one of our US team members, Chris Walz. Chris is a long time RPG fan and a staff editor for C7! Read more here.


We shared another excellent WFRP blog post from Ben Scerri – read Crime & Punishment here. If you missed the previous weeks blog post, you can catch up on The Art of War here. 

Last Wednesday we also released a page by page scan of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Realms of Sorcery – The Magic Supplement, from first edition WFRP. It is available to buy here.


We’re working hard to finish the Rulebook and cannot wait to get it into your hands! On Friday, we put together a recap of everything we have shared so far and offered answers to the most asked questions! Read more here.