Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Shadows in The Mist: Balancing the Scales


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Balancing the Scales is the sixth and final adventure in the Shadows in the Mist campaign. It is a direct sequel to Aqua Nurglis and it is recommended to play through that adventure before playing through this one. You can purchase Aqua Nurglis here or buy the complete Shadows in the Mist campaign here.

This item is the digital PDF download redeemable via direct download. If you would like to add this adventure to your Drive Thru RPG Library, can find it Here. Or the Complete Shadows in the Mist PDF Here.

The Last Breath, a zealous cult of Nurgle, almost wiped out Anvilgard with a deadly plague. Though their plan was stopped, the cult remains and spreads through the city like a cancer. They have waited weeks, and now their plan has come to fruition. Their agents reveal themselves and turn Anvilgard’s own weapons against them. The jungles around the city erupt, and pustulent daemons swarm through the streets. The cult must be stopped, or Anvilgard will be lost forever.

Balancing the Scales follows the events of Aqua Nurglis and sees a party of Soulbound heroes in a desperate fight to save the city of Anvilgard. They must gather their friends and some unlikely allies and do everything in their power to turn back the bloated hordes of Grandfather Nurgle. But something greater and more vile than anything they have encountered awaits, and even the Soulbound may quake in its path…

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