Oaths of the Riddermark


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“…in the Riddermark of Rohan the Rohirrim, the Horse-lords, dwell, and there are no horses like those that are bred in that great vale between the Misty Mountains and the White.”

Oaths of the Riddermark contains six ready-to-play adventures set after the year 2955 and taking place in the lands of Rohan. The scenarios can be played separately, or as chapters of an epic campaign spanning a number of years.

Witness the trials of Thengel King, heal the deepening divide separating his Marshals, solve a mystery of horses slain and horses stolen, get involved in the conflict with the folk of Dunland. Ride now! Ride to Rohan!

Oaths of the Riddermark is complemented by the rules and background material contained in Horse-lords of Rohan  for The One Ring Roleplaying Game.

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