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For Sommerlund and the Kai!

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game Boxed Set includes a selection of cardboard counters to flip into the box lid to generate random numbers. If you’d like to promote your games to the next level of Kai awesomeness then these beautiful enamelled tokens are for you! They come as a set of six double-sided silver metal tokens, with coloured enamel, with a different design on each side.

The pack contains 6 tokens. Each token is the same design but a different colour, and the set includes Purple, Orange, Green, Red, Light Blue and Yellow tokens.

These gorgeous metal tokens are designed by Jon Hodgson and come complete in pouches with quantity of 50. They are 25 mm diameter and 2 mm thick, with antique plating and opaque coloured enamel.

This stock is an extremely limited quantity (an excess from the Lone Wolf Kickstarter)

Update: We are now completely sold out – you will be able to order the last remaining sets directly from Campaign Coins…


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