Errata Submission

Errata Reporting

As many of our fans know, we release the PDF of our books when the PDF is completed. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, small errors can slip past our editorial and graphic design team. Luckily there is a small period of time before the files get sent to the printers.

This means that with the help of community submissions we can fix the majority of errors before our book goes to print! We'd like to thank the community for their keen eye and attention to detail. Together we're making the games we love as good as they can possibly be!

Should you notice a mistake with one of our PDFs or Physical Books - You can always submit any errors that you find via our Errata Form.

How do I know my pdf/book is the latest version?

Good Question. This is something that we've tried to address more recently and we've started including a version number in the credit section of the printed books/PDFs. The version number has been included in releases (digital and physical) since May 2020. Here's an example of what to look out for...

What about the titles before May 2020? Other products usually contain a small prefix at the end of the filename. An example of that would be '200706'. This differs from line to line and is one of the main reasons we have standardised the version numbers inside the cover of our books and PDFs. 

Currently none of our books have been printed any differently than when they first were printed. (This may change in the future - in which case they will have version numbers listed in the credit section)

Below we have cateloged all version numbers and filenames of the latest versions of our Physical products / PDFs. Please check that you have the latest PDF before submitting any errata!


SKU Title Version Number Filename
CB72400 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition Rulebook - version4
CB72401 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition Starter Set - 14th Jan / 24th Jan
CB72401C Starter Set Character Sheets - v1.2
CB72403 Rough Nights and Hard Days - v1.2
CB72404 WFRP Gamemaster's Screen - -
CB72406 WFRP: Enemy in Shadows - Enemy Within Campaign Director's Cut Vol. 1 - v1.02
CB72407 WFRP: Enemy in Shadows Companion v1.0 -
CB72409 WFRP Buildings PDF - -
CB72410 WFRP: Death on the Reik - Enemy Within Campaign Director's Cut Volume 2 December 2020 141220
CB72411 WFRP: Death on the Reik Companion December 2020 141220
CB72425 WFRP Madmen PDF - -
CB72426 WFRP Bait and Witch PDF - -
CB72427 Heart of Glass - -
CB72431 Ubersreik Adventures - -
CB72433 The Guilty Party - -
CB72435 Deadly Dispatch - 22-04-2020
CB72436 Ubersreik Adventures 2 - -
CB72438 Monuments of The Reikland v1.1 June 2020 -
CB72439 WFRP Conversion Rules v1.0 June 2020 -
CB72440 Double Trouble v1.0 July 2020 24072020
CB72441 It's your funeral v1.1 August 2020 -
CB72442 Fishrook Returns v1.0 October 2020 -
CB72444 Hell Rides to Hallt v1.0 October 2020 -
CB72416 Middenheim January 2021 18.01.2021
CB72416 Archives of the Empire 18th January 2021 18.01.2021
CB72413 Power Behind The Throne 16th December 2020  
CB72448 Blessings that drew blood 18th January 2021  18.01.2021
CB72414 Power Behind the Throne Companion March 2021 04.03.2021
CB72423 Altdorf Crown of the Empire March 2021 -
CB72449 Sullasara's Spells of Unrivalled Utility - 210421
CB72457 Patrons of the Old World 2 4th May -
CB72417 The Horned Rat May 2021  
SKUTitleVersion NumberFilename
CB72500Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game RulebookJuly 2020200706
CB72503GM Screen-200703
CB72504Shadows in the Mist-200807
CB72509Crash & Burn--
CB72511SitM: Blood Tide-200807
CB72520Fateful Night-201022
CB72512SitM: Anvilgard City Guide-210114
CB72513SitM: Rotten to the Core-210125
CB72515SitM: Crucible of Life-210316
CB72525Doomed Lands-210121
CB72518Champions of Order4th March 2021210329
CB72530Steam and Steel28th June 2021210628
SKU Title Version Number Filename
CB72600 Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook v2.1 August 2020 v2.1
CB72603 Rain of Mercy - September2020
CB72606 The Graveyard Shift - -
CB72605 Litanies of the Lost v1.2 14th April 210414
CB72615 Bloody Gate June 2021 210611
CB72613 Wings of Valkyries June 2021 V1.0 210625