Does Adventures in Middle-earth use the alignment system?
No – Adventures in Middle-earth assumes players are fighting for good. Alignment is replaced with the Corruption system to track characters’ descent into Shadow.

Does combat change?
No – the OGL combat system is untouched. We want OGL players to be able to play quickly and easily. Familiarity with the system is a key design goal. The Loremaster's Guide offers some new customisation options for both terrain and monsters.

What Classes are there?
Adventures in Middle-earth uses its own bespoke, Middle-earth themed classes and backgrounds. These are unique to AME. We also have loads of brand new backgrounds.

Are any new rules added?
Yes! We introduce rules for Journeys, for Corruption and for the Fellowship Phase.

Are there spell casters with spells like fireball and chain lightning?
Magic in Middle-earth is embedded in the world and reflected in a range of ways both mundane and exceptional. The ability of Hobbits to conceal themselves, the healing songs of the Woodmen and the Dwarven Spells of Secrecy are all examples of the magic inherent in the setting. There’s much debate as to whether or not the more flamboyant magic users should be played in Middle-earth. The beauty of using the OGL for AME is that you can decide that for yourself. All the rules and classes for spell-slingers are out there, and you can bring those into your game to meet your vision of the setting.

Will there be stats for Gandalf, and can I kill him?
No. Gandalf is a patron-level NPC. He doesn't need stats. Though we're sure a fan will give him stats if you really, really can't live without them.

Is there plate armour in Adventures in Middle-earth?
Not as written. We provide an equipment section that closely references The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. We feel part of evoking the Middle-earth feel is to cleave close to the source material. The beauty of the OGL is if you feel that plate armour belongs in Middle-earth than you can bring it in.