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WFRP: Ubersreik Adventures The Guilty Party

We are delighted to announce that the final part of Ubersreik Adventures is now available in PDF! Buy The Guilty Party here or purchase the PDF bundle that includes all six Ubersreik scenarios here. You can also pre-order the physical copy of this bundle with PDFs included here. Physical copies will be sent first quarter 2020. … Continue reading “WFRP: Ubersreik Adventures The Guilty Party”

The One Ring Bundle of Holding Offers now live!

If you missed these amazing offers previously, now is the perfect opportunity to buy them from Bundle of Holding before Cubicle 7 ceases to publish these lines in 2020. Two bundles are now live: THE ONE RING™ and ONE RING JOURNEY. Each of these offers also includes a discount code good for 30% off the purchase of … Continue reading “The One Ring Bundle of Holding Offers now live!”


#WarhammerWednesday  It’s a big Warhammer Wednesday this week. We are delighted to announce that we have finished the PDF for our much anticipated WFRP GM Screen and you can now pre-order here! After many many requests we also have a physical book of all Ubersreik Adventures available to pre-order here! Lastly, we’ve a selection of three Rolled … Continue reading “WFRP GM SCREEN & UBERSREIK ADVENTURES PRE-ORDER”

Wrath & Glory: Cicatrix Maledictum

#40Friday Above, Miriya Caecus, Imperial Astropath of the Gilead system, loses her sight for the second time. The Great Rift, a colossal warp storm, tears through the galaxy. The storm obscures the Emperor’s light, while daemons walk freely from the warp into reality, and Cadia falls.*  After Miriya was handed over to the Black Ships, … Continue reading “Wrath & Glory: Cicatrix Maledictum”


#WarhammerWednesday We are delighted to announce that we will commence taking pre-orders for our much anticipated WFRP GM Screen next #WarhammerWednesday – 11th December and also release the PDF! Direct orders on our webstore will, as always include a PDF. You may have read WFRP producer Pàdraig’s Meet the Team piece yesterday, which also included … Continue reading “WFRP: GM SCREEN NEWS!”

WFRP – Meet our new Producer Pádraig!

#TeamTuesday We recently introduced you (briefly!) to Pádraig Murphy, Cubicle 7’s new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay producer. Today, we wanted to share a little more about Pádraig as part of our Meet the Team series. Pádraig, who hails from Galway in the west of Ireland, is a wargaming and boardgaming fan, but RPGs are his real … Continue reading “WFRP – Meet our new Producer Pádraig!”

Webstore Order update – Holiday Deliveries!

If you are planning to order items you wish to receive before the Holidays, we would suggest you order in the next few days – Dec 6th is the cut off for packages to reach some regions in time and we wouldn’t like to see anyone disappointed! We are also experiencing incredibly high volumes of … Continue reading “Webstore Order update – Holiday Deliveries!”