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Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Battlemage

#MORTALREALMSMONDAY Today we’re looking at a brand new Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the devastating Battlemage of the Free Peoples.   Master of Magic You are a wizard of the Collegiate Arcane, trained in magic by one of the Sky Towers of Azyrheim. Battlemages are exceptional mortals that can stand shoulder to shoulder with … Continue reading “Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Battlemage”

C7 Sunday Summary!

GenCon Prep! We have a hectic week ahead as the C7 team travels to GenCon from August 1-4 in Indianapolis! Known as The Best Four Days in Gaming™ and the largest gathering of tabletop gamers in North America, the C7 team are incredibly excited to meet lots RPG fans! Come say hello and find out … Continue reading “C7 Sunday Summary!”

Wrath & Glory: Grim & Glorious Adventures

#40KFriday Grim & Glorious Adventures  The Age of the Dark Imperium  A new era has dawned, and the galaxy is more dangerous than ever — the perfect time to dive into adventure. The vastness of space is rife with opportunities for exploration; can your Rogue Trader find profit from an Aeldari alliance? What strange xenos … Continue reading “Wrath & Glory: Grim & Glorious Adventures”

Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Auric Runesmiter

#MortalRealmsMonday Today we’re discussing another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound that was revealed at Warhammer Fest — the stalwart Auric Runesmiter of the Fyreslayers.  Fire and Gold You are a priest of the fyreslayers, the power of fire and earth are yours to command. Though their god is dead, the power of an Auric … Continue reading “Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Auric Runesmiter”

C7 Sunday Summary!

#SundaySummary Afraid you missed some Cubicle 7 news this week? Fear not, below we recap on all the juicy bits in one post! As always, stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the latest news. #MortalRealmsMonday Lat Monday we discussed  another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the enigmatic Knight-Incantor of … Continue reading “C7 Sunday Summary!”