Date Posted: 03-05-2019

Meet the Team

This week we want to introduce one of our US team members, Tim Korklewski. Tim is a long time RPG fan who focuses on C7 sales in the US, making it easier for local games stores to stock C7 products!


I’m Tim Korklewski, American Sales for Cubicle 7!

I got my start and passion for the industry one fateful summer when my friends brought up this “AD&D” that they wanted to play. During a dinner party one night, their parents had discussed their most memorable trips into the darkest crypts and dungeons. I was awestruck by these second-hand stories from excited classmates ready to dive head first into the unknown. Luckily, they dragged me right along with them!

To this day, I still remember our first foray into our home-spun dungeon. My friends Derrick and Shannon took the helm as Dungeon Masters in what would become an entire two year long campaign into fantastic realms, great battles, cities saved, and dragons slayed.  I walked away from that first game absolutely obsessed and I had no idea how it would change my life forever.

From that point forward I dove into the dark and gritty streets of a magical Seattle, joined the Dark Angels in destroying the vast threats of Chaos across the Imperium, trekked across the sprawling deserts of Athas, and ran successful Lances into battle in the name of Wolf’s Dragoons.  

Now, I can be found on the Cubicle 7 Retailers Facebook page helping retailers get into the groove of all the fantastic products we have to offer, and making LOTS of phone calls to various retailers each week. I do my very best to accommodate retailers and distributors alike in navigating our massive library of games.  At the end of the day, my job is simply to sell fun to each and every hobby store in North and South America! It doesn’t get much better than that!

When not working at Cubicle 7, I develop game rules for miniature wargaming and RPGs as a freelancer.  I love going on trips and exploring with my wife Dana and our two children, Mason and Sofia. We can typically be found running around at jump parks on the weekend and attend nightly Pandora dance parties.