Sunday Summary

We hope everyone is managing to keep safe and well, given the current health crisis. If you’re looking for a distraction why not catch up on all of our recent news and updates below? AoS: Soulbound Production Update WHAT’S IN THE BOOK? When you open the table of contents of Soulbound, you’ll see that there are … Continue reading “Sunday Summary”


Last week some of the C7 team attended GAMA Expo in Reno, Nevada. Despite cancellations and a lower attendance than previous years due to Covid-19 we met with many retailers, some distributors and ran busy seminars to share the latest news on our products. Overall it was a worthwhile and engaging trip. (with a LOT … Continue reading “GAMA EXPO 2020 SEMINAR UPDATE & ART REVEALS!”

Warhammer Community -Charlotte Hamilton

We love hearing from the wider RPG community and this week we want to introduce you to Charlotte, who some of you may already be familiar with from Twitter, Facebook or the multiple Discord servers Charlotte moderates! Let’s start this off with a brief introduction: I’m Charlotte (aka Foxfyre) and I run the various Discord … Continue reading “Warhammer Community -Charlotte Hamilton”


Thinking of attending Origins or GenCon in 2020? Do you love RPGs and talking to fellow gamers? We are looking for enthusiastic GMs to join our team and run our adventures at some of the biggest gaming events this year. 2020 will see the release of Age of Sigmar: Soulbound and Wrath and Glory 40,000, … Continue reading “GM CALL 2020 – US EVENTS”