Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: It’s Your Funeral PDF Release!

This is a PDF only product. Following GenCon Online last weekend, we are delighted to release this exciting new WFRP PDF! The idea for this PDF initially came from an interactive and engaging seminar WFRP writer Graeme Davis gave at GenCon 2019. It’s Your Funeral At GenCon 2019, the legendary RPG creator Graeme Davis hosted … Continue reading “Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: It’s Your Funeral PDF Release!”

GenCon Store Exclusive: Amazing Value WFRP Bundles!

While things are a little different this year and we miss seeing all of you at our booth, we are delighted to support GenCon Online for 2020. Why not check our our GenCon seminar from CEO Dom McDowall here. While we have been sharing lots of news and videos over the weekend here, we are … Continue reading “GenCon Store Exclusive: Amazing Value WFRP Bundles!”


Interested in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay? To get started why not download some of our excellent free adventures? Ubersreik Adventures: If Looks Could Kill, written by Warhammer veteran Dave Allen, is designed with beginner Characters in mind, and concludes in the fortress-town Ubersreik, where the Characters’ adventures can continue with the WFRP Starter Set. Download If Looks Could Kill from … Continue reading “FREE ADVENTURES & RESOURCES FOR WFRP”

Enemy Within Campaign: Volume 2 — Death on the Reik Companion Art Reveal

‘Wrecker? A wrecker, you say? How, very dare you! I, the noble Sir Answel Bogenwrath? My dear girl, I am no loathsome wrecker, but an honourable pirate! Piracy is a trade like any other — the exchange of one good for something else of equal value. In this case, your money for your life. My … Continue reading “Enemy Within Campaign: Volume 2 — Death on the Reik Companion Art Reveal”

Welcome to the Old World – Warhammer Fantasy Role-play Explained

WELCOME BACK TO THE OLD WORLD. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) takes you back to the Old World. Get the gang together, create your (anti)heroes, and set off to make your way through the vile corruption, scheming plotters and terrifying creatures intent on destruction. Prepare yourself for the struggle of the gutter, to fight for your survival, and … Continue reading “Welcome to the Old World – Warhammer Fantasy Role-play Explained”

WFRP Ubersreik Adventures II – Double Trouble

We are delighted to release the second adventure for Ubersreik Adventures II – Double Trouble in PDF today! If you have already pre-ordered Ubersreik Adventures II you will receive an email to download Double trouble. Double Trouble follows Deadly Dispatch as the second release for Ubersreik Adventures II. Ubersreik Adventures II contains five all new adventures, … Continue reading “WFRP Ubersreik Adventures II – Double Trouble”

Sunday Summary

Wrath & Glory Errata Out Now! We hope you have all been enjoying Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory so far. A big thank you to everyone who contacted us with feedback on the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory Rulebook! After several additional rounds of proofing and editing, we have clarified the text and made changes.  We have … Continue reading “Sunday Summary”

WFRP: Death on the Reik and its ancestry by Graeme Davis

#WarhammerWednesday Below is an excellent excerpt from a previous Developer Diary from the legendary Graeme Davis concerning the Enemy Within and the ancestry of Death on the Reik. When many WFRP fans talk about the Enemy Within campaign, they are mostly thinking about Death on the Reik. That is quite understandable: this sprawling adventure contains … Continue reading “WFRP: Death on the Reik and its ancestry by Graeme Davis”