Wrath & Glory: Cicatrix Maledictum

#40Friday Above, Miriya Caecus, Imperial Astropath of the Gilead system, loses her sight for the second time. The Great Rift, a colossal warp storm, tears through the galaxy. The storm obscures the Emperor’s light, while daemons walk freely from the warp into reality, and Cadia falls.*  After Miriya was handed over to the Black Ships, … Continue reading “Wrath & Glory: Cicatrix Maledictum”

Webstore Order update – Holiday Deliveries!

If you are planning to order items you wish to receive before the Holidays, we would suggest you order in the next few days – Dec 6th is the cut off for packages to reach some regions in time and we wouldn’t like to see anyone disappointed! We are also experiencing incredibly high volumes of … Continue reading “Webstore Order update – Holiday Deliveries!”