WFRP The Horned Rat Companion PDF Now Complete!

The much anticipated PDF for The Horned Rat Companion is out now! Pre-order the The Horned Rat Companion here Buy the PDF only on our webstore here Buy the PDF only on DrivethruRPG here If you have already advance pre-ordered the Companion or the Collector’s Edition via our website, you will automatically receive this PDF. The … Continue reading “WFRP The Horned Rat Companion PDF Now Complete!”

Lone Wolf Bundle of Holding Now Live!

Recently, we announced that we will no longer publish Lone Wolf roleplaying games with Holmgard Press. Due to this, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to buy the Lone Wolf Bundle from Bundle of Holding. Resurrected from March 2019, this Lone Wolf Bundle once again presents The Lone Wolf Adventure Game based on the famous Lone Wolf gamebook series by Joe Dever. $144 of Lone … Continue reading “Lone Wolf Bundle of Holding Now Live!”

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Production Update

#WarhammerWednesday Hi All, Have you seen our latest general production update? There’s a lot happening at Cubicle 7 right now! With so many exciting titles to cover there was only room to skim the surface of WFRP’s upcoming releases. Let’s take a deeper dive below, and talk a little about our future plans for the … Continue reading “Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Production Update”

Interview with WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy

C7’s WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy joined Ontabletop for a chat on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – how we updated The Enemy Within Campaign for WFRP 4th Ed, our VTT plans and much more! Beware – there are some spoilers included, but you’ll be warned in advance! Shop all WFRP titles on our webstore here. Cubicle 7 … Continue reading “Interview with WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy”

Lone Wolf End of Line Sale – 50% Off!

Following our announcement last week regarding Lone Wolf, we have commenced our end of line sale with 50% off all remaining titles on both our webstore and DrivethruRPG. Stock on some titles on our webstore is very low, so please be quick if you have your eye on something.  Shop webstore sale here Shop DrivethruRPG … Continue reading “Lone Wolf End of Line Sale – 50% Off!”

Lone Wolf Update – Cease to Publish

Unfortunately, due to some recent unexpected developments, Cubicle 7 will no longer be publishing Lone Wolf roleplaying games with Holmgard Press.  Cubicle 7 would like to thank you for your support over the years since our Lone Wolf Adventure began in 2013. As fans of Lone Wolf since childhood we have really enjoyed working on … Continue reading “Lone Wolf Update – Cease to Publish”

AoS: Soulbound, Stars and Scales PDF Out Now!

We thought we would squeeze one more fantastic release into June! We know a lot of you have been waiting for this PDF for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound that explores the mysterious Seraphon! Buy the PDF on our webstore here. Buy the PDF on DrivethruRPG here. Stars and Scales ‘The Old Ones anticipated all. … Continue reading “AoS: Soulbound, Stars and Scales PDF Out Now!”

C7 June Recap – News & Releases!

Another month has flown by at Cubicle 7 and things are as busy as ever with two new PDF releases for Wrath & Glory – The Bloody Gates and On the Wings of Valkyries, two of four battlefield adventures set during the battle for Tora Armis.  Ubersreik Adventures 2  for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is now … Continue reading “C7 June Recap – News & Releases!”