WFRP: Enemy in Shadows Cover Design

#WarhammerWednesday #MeettheTeam Today we want to share an interesting meet the team piece with a focus on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay from Rachael Macken. Rachael joined the Cubicle 7 team in 2019 as a Graphic Designer focusing on Warhammer initially. With years of experience in branding, design and print combined with a love of games, Rachael … Continue reading “WFRP: Enemy in Shadows Cover Design”

Sunday Summary

We hope everyone is managing to keep safe and well, given the current health crisis. If you’re looking for a distraction why not catch up on all of our recent news and updates below? AoS: Soulbound Production Update WHAT’S IN THE BOOK? When you open the table of contents of Soulbound, you’ll see that there are … Continue reading “Sunday Summary”