Archives of the Empire Volume 2 Coming Soon!

Artwork by Sam Manley With the release of Archives of the Empire: Volume II later this month, we wanted to share some thoughts on Ogres from Baron Cecil von Hopfberg and reveal the cover art above! What can one say of Ogres that has not already been written elsewhere? Quite a bit, as it turns … Continue reading “Archives of the Empire Volume 2 Coming Soon!”


It might not be Warhammer Wednesday, but today we have another exciting Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay PDF only release for you! No Strings Attached takes place in the town of Ubersreik, the setting for the WFRP Starter Set and Ubersreik Adventures I and II. Buy No Strings Attached on our website here. Buy on DrivethruRPG here. … Continue reading “WFRP NO STRINGS ATTACHED PDF OUT NOW!”

WFRP: New PDF Release -Feast of Blood

#WarhammerWednesday Looking for the perfect horror filled adventure to run this Halloween? We’ve got you covered! We’re excited to release the PDF for Feast of Blood today, so you can prep for October 31st. Feast of Blood – PDF Only To the east of Stirland lies the cursed land of Sylvania, but Vampires are not … Continue reading “WFRP: New PDF Release -Feast of Blood”

WFRP: Revenge of the Red Crown

‘Herald of Tzeentch’, art by Sam Manley ****SPOILER ALERT**** Proceed with caution! This post contains spoilers for The Enemy Within and Empire in Ruins. #WarhammerWednedsay Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Developer Dave Allen reveals more on the upcoming Empire in Ruins Companion below. Empire in Ruins Companion has completed layout and is heading to proofreading. It is … Continue reading “WFRP: Revenge of the Red Crown”


Another busy month has come to a close so we have rounded up all of our top picks and highlights from September to share! Keep an eye out for our new October Production Update next week! While we can’t be at Origins Game Fair this weekend, our friends at Steve Jackson Games will carry our … Continue reading “SEPTEMBER RECAP – WHAT HAVE YOU MISSED?”

WFRP: Further Future Visions

#WarhammerWednedsay A while back, we shared Future Visions 1 here, and today we have another post in this series by WFRP Developer Dave Allen revealing more amazing art from upcoming releases… ‘Times have been hard recently for your poor underappreciated prognosticator. This cursed Thaumodivinator the colleges have got up and working round the Hexxerbezrik. Apparently, … Continue reading “WFRP: Further Future Visions”

Meet the Team – Tim Huckelbery

The Cubicle 7 team has continued to grow throughout 2021 — with 29 permanent staff and many more freelancers, writers, artists, designers, editors, and support staff all around the world! We shared more on this growth here last week. In our Meet the Team posts we share insights from new team members to give you … Continue reading “Meet the Team – Tim Huckelbery”

WFRP Production Update & Empire in Ruins Reveal

Hello! Welcome to another Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay production update. We have a lot going on right now, including working on a seasonal adventure we plan to release before Halloween – more on that spooky release soon! For now, let’s dive right in! Power Behind the Throne, Companion & Collector’s Edition Power Behind the Throne and … Continue reading “WFRP Production Update & Empire in Ruins Reveal”

Horned Rat Interview with WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy

WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy chatted to Tabletop Gaming magazine about The Horned Rat, Vol 4 of The Enemy Within Campaign. if you are thinking of buying this volume or already own it, check out the interview below! Pre-Order The Horned Rat Now! The Horned Rat is the fourth volume of the revised and updated Director’s Cut … Continue reading “Horned Rat Interview with WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy”